CITB Site Safety Plus – SSP Centre Update – COVID-19

Preventative measures
1. Ask the candidate to wash hands upon arrival at your centre, in the bathrooms provided. This follows the guidance from the World Health Organization and will help to keep your hands clean and prevent potential contamination.
2. If the candidate would like to use a medical face mask this can be permitted. Masks need to be removed for identification checks and/or where candidate photographs need to be taken.
3. Provide hand sanitizer throughout the centre, encourage applying before they enter the classroom.
4. Kleenex/Hand tissue should be available. Please cover the nose and mouth in case of sneezing or cough.
5. At frequent intervals clean each work area with disinfectant products to ensure a clean & hygienic environment for candidates.
6. Regular cleaning of the reception areas and waiting areas with disinfectant products.
7. Introduce distancing measures increasing the distance between candidates to a minimum of six feet, additionally you may wish to restrict the number of people attending a course at one given time. You may wish to apply the same distancing measures in your waiting areas too.
8. Stagger refreshment breaks to avoid congestion in waiting areas and toilets
9. Regularly clean any tools or training equipment once it has been used with disinfectant products