2020 Levy Return now available to complete online

2020 Levy Return
Your Levy Return is available to complete online. Please log into your account at my.citb.co.uk to complete and submit your Levy Return.

Need help ?
Our Guidance Notes will help you and can be found online on our website. If you need any additional help completing your Levy Return, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  1. Webchat via the Levy pages on our website
  2. Call 0344 994 4455
  3. Email levy.grant@citb.co.uk

Statutory requirement
You must complete an annual Levy Return even if you don’t need to pay the Levy, as it is a statutory requirement. There are exemptions and reductions for small businesses, for full details click here.

Benefits to your business
By completing your annual Levy Return you are entitled to claim in the 2020/21 Grants Scheme. Grants are available for apprenticeships, qualifications and short duration training courses.

For more information, click here.

However, if you do not submit your Levy Return by 30 November 2020, all outstanding grant payments will be withheld until we receive your Levy Return.

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