Attached is copy of HSE presentation, which has useful links for HCSF members.

HCSF Presentation 26 February 2018

Clarification on points raised during my presentation:

  • CITB Grant Reform is covered in the HCSF presentation, CITB would like to remind HCSF members, another of  their priorities is to support the skills and training of micro and small companies. Any company with less than 100 employees can claim up to £10K from the Skills & Training Fund, full details via this link: Skills and Training Fund
  • Formal Communication from CITB, to Stay Up to Date with CITB requires companies to opt-in to our communications, please visit this link to opt-in (
  • Transition Period from manual to automated grant payments? Confirmed, there in no longer a timeline for this, the transition period will remain in place for manual claims to be made until all systems are properly embedded.