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Next Forum Meeting

 Wednesday 25th September 2019 – 1500-1700. Location to be Confirmed


Info from HICSF 11th March 2019 meeting

HSE Update – HICSF slides March 2019

HSE Supplementary info – Supplementary Note from HSE

Safehands Presentation – hicsf_twpresentation


Info from HICSF 19th November 2018 meeting

Graham Martin – HSE BIM Awareness Briefing for HICSF

HSE Update – HICSF slides Nov 18

CITB Update – HICSF 19 Nov 18


Info from HICSF 6th September 2018 meeting

ISO 45001 presentation IOSH & HICSF 6 Sept’18

Less is more -proportionate implementation of ISO45001



Info from HICSF 19th June 2018 meeting

HSE Gerry Muir presentation

Thorough Examination of Mobile Cranes

SSE Wind Forum

2018-06-19 HICSF sss update


Certificate in Controlling Health Risks in Construction (CCHRC)

CCHRC info for HICSF




HICSF News- March 2019

HICSF News – February 2019

HICSF October 2018

HICSF August 2018

HICSF May 2018

HICSF January 2018

HICSF October 2017

HICSF June 2017

HICSF February 2017


HICSF August 2016

HICSF May 2016

HICSF Feb 2016

HICSF Oct 2015

HICSF July 2015 e


‘Info from HICSF 26th February 2018 meeting’

HICSF update Feb 26 2018

HICSF AOB – clarification of Asbestos Awareness Training

CITB Presentation – HICSF 26 February 2018

CITB answers to questions raised at HICSF 20180226


‘Info from HICSF 4th December 2017 meeting’

HSE:    HICSF slides 1217

cdmmuk:  CDM Regs

Birchwood Highland:   Mental Wellness Resource Sheet


‘Info from HICSF 4th September 2017 meeting’

HICSF slides 0917

Site Safe Scotland:  2017-09-04 HICSF sss update

HCTG: Highland Construction Training Group Sept 17

Morrison Construction: CBAB PPT Sep 2017


‘Info from HICSF 5th June 2017 meeting’

NHS-Highland – Health Q&A with notes 

NHS-Highland – health Q&A with notes – HICSF ppvoting


‘Info from HICSF 16th January 2017 meeting’

CITB Skills and Training Fund Update

HiCSF slides Jan 17


‘Info from HICSF  12th September 2016 meeting







‘Info from Site Safe Scotland  16th May 2016 meeting

SSS -CD Plan of Work 2016 2017 C MacDonald 16 May 2016 z6

SSS -Health and Safety System in Scotland Gavin Howat 16 May 2016

SSS Land Use Planning Tool Stuart Reston 16 May 2016 z4

SSS The Health Agenda Mark Ashby 16 May 2016


‘Info from HICSF 7th March 2016 meeting

HSE update to HICSF March 2016


‘Info from HICSF 17th November 2015 meeting

HSE update to HICSF November 2015

Sample scaffolding procurement letter


‘Info from HICSF 21st September meeting

HSE update to HICSF Sept 2015

CDM 2015 Q&A What is construction work

Careys Safety Behaviour

CITB Lee Fisk


‘Info from HICSF 22nd June meeting

CDM 2015 Designer Article

CDM 2015 Contractor Article

CDM 2015 Q&A – Self Build

CDM 2015 Q&A – Notification

CDM 2015 Q&A – Maintenance & FM work


CDM 2015 Q&A CDM Advisers



Inverness West Link follow up site visit to view superstructurePOSTPONED from 1st March.

PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE – Tuesday 7th March – places must be booked in advance

CIHT Flyer WestLink 20170301



Inverness HAVWEAR invite