It is your responsibility to ensure that you enrol on the correct course and that you have the ability and aptitude (and, where appropriate, the experience) to benefit from the course you have booked on.

Courses occasionally have to be cancelled because we’ve had too few bookings. We do all that we can to avoid this, but it’s not possible to run a course if only a few people have applied.

If you cancel a course within 8-14 days you will be charged half the price of the course. If you cancel a course within 0-7 day you will be charged the full price of the course.

To guarantee the price advertised on the website you must be a CITB Levy Registered member. If you are not please contact us direct.

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out rules for processing personal information, and it applies to some paper records in addition to those held on computer and some individually processed data, for example, document image processing, audio/visual, photographs, and CCTV footage. The act gives individuals and companies certain rights, and imposes obligations on those who record and use information to be open about how such information is used and to follow the eight (8) Data Protection Principles. HCTG regularly collects sensitive data from clients and candidates (typically, National Insurance numbers, Driver numbers, addresses etc).

Increasingly electronic media is utilised (Driver CPC Updates for example) for maintaining data bases, online accounting/banking etc. These facilities are invariably password protected, in these circumstances password security is essential. All HCTG passwords are noted in the “password register”, this register must be held in the locked security cabinet at all times when not in use, the security cabinet is to be kept in the main office which in turn is to be locked when unoccupied.

Should a member of staff with access to these passwords leave the company for any reason it is to be assumed that they have been compromised? In these circumstances the passwords are to be changed by the GTO immediately.

Data Protection Principles

Personal date must be processed following these principles so that data is:

  1. Processed fairly and lawfully
  2. Obtained for specific and lawful purposes
  3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive
  4. Accurate and where necessary kept up to date
  5. Not kept for longer than necessary
  6. Processed in accordance with the subject’s rights
  7. Kept secure
  8. Not transferred abroad without adequate protection

HCTG will uphold these eight (8) Data Protection Principles.

Confidentiality Policy

Highland Construction Training Group (HCTG) Ltd is committed to providing a confidential service to all our clients.

  1. Information will be treated in the utmost confidence and will not be divulged to anyone outside the organisation except where extenuating circumstances exist (e.g. Police/HSE Investigation).
  2. No conversation about a client will take place with anyone who does not work for HCTG and will not take place away from our designated office.
  3. No personal information about a client will be given to any third party unless that client has given an agreement to that effect.
  4. All Staff and training providers may be required to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” upon commencement of employment with HCTG.
  5. No information will be physically removed from our offices without management/client consent.
  6. All written and electronic information is kept at secure locked and alarmed premises.
    Record keeping, statistics, evaluation and monitoring

Client Records

  • Any written client records will be kept securely.
  • Any record sheets will be destroyed after 2 years.
  • Clients may ask to see any written records if they so wish to do so in writing.
  • Secure shredding is used prior to the disposal of any written records.

Letters or online messages

  • Any letters or printed online messages will be kept securely.
  • Any correspondence will be destroyed after 2 years. However, if a letter or online message is received which gives thanks or encouragement then it may be kept provided that permission is sought from the writer.
  • If a letter or online message is received which we would like to use in publicity/testimonials, we will seek the permission of the writer to ensure that they are happy for us to do this. Information about a client will never be used for publicity purposes unless consent has been obtained (see above).


Company websites are important marketing tools and it is the policy of HCTG to advertise its clients on the website wherever possible, however the use of the clients’ logo and web link will always be dependent on obtaining the clients’ authority prior to any web linking in this manner.

Making the Confidentiality policy known

  • All staff and training providers will be given a copy of the policy when they commence working with the HCTG
  • We will ensure that all staff are trained and given information about the Confidentiality Policy.

This policy applies to all paid employees, associates and training providers involved with the HCTG. All new staff and training providers will be given training in its application. The policy will be reviewed annually in line with the quality management system.